Q:  Is Marijuana Legal?
Marijuana remains
illegal under federal law, certain states have adopted the medical
marijuana patient ID programs, check your local state laws for
clarification on these laws, we also have posted the laws from the
approved states below on this page.

Q: How many people can I bring with me for $500?
Yes you can, you may bring as many people as you want, but everyone
needs to pay the course fee, which is $500.  We do give multi-person and
group discounts all the time, just ask.  For two people it will be
$700, ($350 per person), for three people it will be $900, (that’s $300
per person).

Q: Do you charge extra to come to my house?
A: There will be an extra charge of $100 flat fee.  We will bring everything out to your door.  Our headquarters are in Fresno, Ca.  You can here to our office as well, you can save a $100.

Q: I have a criminal record, will I still be able to open a medical marijuana business?
Yes, you can.  You can only operate a private club.  Your criminal
history does not affect your eligibility to get a doctor’s
recommendation and become a medical marijuana patient, thus, you may
cultivate and distribute medicine to the patients in your private
collective.  But if the terms of your probation or parole do not permit
you to posses anything that is FEDERALLY illegal…you cannot do
business.  You need to go and see the judge who issued your probation or
parole and speak with them in regards to it.  If you are planning on
running a dispensary then you MUST have a clean record.  If that is the
case then you cannot be on the board of directors, such as president or
vice president, etc.

Q: My city
or county currently has a ban on dispensaries or a moratorium, can I
still open one up?  Should I still take your classes?

A: It’s
pretty difficult to open a dispensary business in Los Angeles county. 
And it also doesn’t hurt to educate yourself.  But there other areas
around Los Angeles county that are accepting applications and are worth
exploring.  You will find out what those areas are in class and how to
go about opening there. The laws and guidelines regarding
dispensaries  and medical marijuana are changing constantly and
moratoriums expire, it’ll be helpful to you if you can take these
classes to prepare yourself.  There are other and much more safer and
easier ways of starting a Medical Marijuana Business.  Many choose to
start a non-profit collective grow or collective delivery service
instead because they are easier to start and manage, and moratoriums do
not apply to these businesses.  We explain how to go about starting up
all those businesses in detail.  There has also been a lot of talk in
the press recently amongst both state and federal politician’s about
moving towards legalization.  It’s also a good idea to explore the topic
before you decide to get involved in this type of a business.This consultation is all you need to prepare yourself
for the medical marijuana industry.  After the seminar you’ll
definitely know if this is the right business for you.

Q: What is involved in this?  What are start up costs?  Is it legal yet?  Is it safe from robberies?

These are the types of things we teach at the consultation.  You will leave our consultation fully understanding the laws and you’ll be
99% ready to start your business in medical cannabis.  Guaranteed!

Q: Where are you guys located?
Our administrative office is located in Fresno, Ca.  But, we go all over California.

  Do you accept checks?

Yes, but we do not accept checks on the day of the consulting, we must
receive the checks in our office at least 5 days before the consulting

Q: Do you cover the laws in my state?
Our teachings can be applied in any state or county that has passed
laws approving the Medical Marijuana Patient Program.  Because every
state, county, city laws and regulations are different from each other,
we urge you to check with your local government.  But since most cities
have the same buildings, we tell you where to go and what forms to fill
out, and also how to find the laws. We have the medical marijuana laws
listed state by state on this web page towards the bottom.