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Cannabis university courses online

Each jurisdiction that allows the use of cannabis has its own regulations. While it is possible to open a cannabis business in a state that has legalized it, the federal laws still see it as...


Marijuana business conference

There was a time when marijuana business meant illegal sale and distribution of marijuana.Marijuana used to be a black market drug, but today it is regarded as a medicinal herb.  Many states have legalized...


Dispensary law firm

When it comes to running a marijuana business, the process is not simple because a marijuana business is not like any other kind of regular business.  The rules are strict and you will need...


Medical weed seminar

Through a medical weed seminar, you can learn many things. Whether you are seeking knowledge about medical weed or want to start your own business, a weed seminar is the answer for you.  The experts...


Cannabis event

Starting a cannabis business, delivery service or cultivation centre is very complicated.  It is not easy even if you have the money and the resources.  The reason is that the selection process is based...

Santa Barbara County marijuana farms, businesses launch cannabis council 0

Santa Barbara County marijuana farms, businesses launch cannabis council

Marijuana farmers and business owners have formed the Cannabis Business Council of Santa Barbara County as an education and advocacy organization dedicated to the development of fair cannabis regulations. Organizers announced the council’s launch...