About Us

We’ve been in business of setting up marijuana store front operations marijuana delivery collectives and making sure farms are fully compliant since March of 2010. Folks all over California have obtained our services and have happy results. The chief business director George Boyadjian, has had his own collective in California since 2009 and is still active till this day.

Sam has set up tens of collectives in California and after successful operation turned it over to marijuana patients who were willing to operate it. No doubt that we can do the same for you.

We don’t just present you with general information. We cover what you need to know, what you will get in trouble for if you are not careful operating your business. There is a fine line between criminal and civil cases, you will be taught how to identify that fine line and walk it. We will personally introduce you to lawyers, vendors, collectives, accountants, consultants, real estate agents and web designers or anyone we feel will move your project forward.

Don’t delay, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks depending on your dedication and budget and location. We want to know how we can help YOU–not just feed you a bunch of useless facts.

We will be available to talk to you on the phone after the consulting session ANYTIME to answer any questions you may have missed all for FREE!!! We are accessible and want you to succeed because–“Your success is our success!” We welcome you to join our network of friendly, like-minded canna-business pot-trepreneurs to help you achieve your goals!

Call us to day, we will come out to you anywhere in California. (323) 308-8803